“Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which mainly affects the development of literacy and language related skills.”   (British Dyslexia Association – BDA) There may well be weaknesses in working memory and in processing (for example the sounds of speech).  Equally, it may be that the automatic use of skills may not match up with an individual’s underlying ability.


With dyspraxia “An individual’s co-ordination difficulties may affect participation and functioning of everyday life skills in education, work and employment. Children may present with difficulties with self-care, writing, typing, riding a bike and play as well as other educational and recreational activities. In adulthood many of these difficulties will continue, as well as learning new skills at home, in education and work, such as driving a car and DIY. There may be a range of co-occurring difficulties which can also have serious negative impacts on daily life. These include social and emotional difficulties as well as problems with time management, planning and personal organisation and these may also affect an adult’s education or employment experiences” SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC).